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Hello, everyone!

I came back from the SoftENGINE summer event 2022 and what can I say… SoftENGINE knows how to organize events. Mostly.

Unfortunately, there were hardly any opportunities to take photos because a strict schedule was followed over which we had no influence. In addition, I was hardly able to collect any declarations of consent (I got hold of 2 in total), which is why I could only have taken censored pictures of the people themselves. Nevertheless, I will do my best to show the process as well as possible without pictures. Maybe SoftENGINE will publish the pictures in a timely manner, in which case I will update the post or create a new post where I refer to the pictures.

We left Munich around 1 p.m. on Tuesday and arrived at the Parkhotel in Landau around 6 p.m. to check in. We decided to arrive a day earlier so that we didn’t have to arrive early in the morning (according to google maps the journey should take 4 hours, actually it took 6 hours due to road works and traffic jams). We then spent the rest of the evening in Annweiler (am Trifels), where we arranged to meet some partners and customers. There we talked about the upcoming event and our respective tasks in our company, as well as making contacts with each other.

On Wednesday it started at 12 noon in Hauenstein. SoftENGINE kindly provided a backpack for each attendee, which contained the event schedule and some marketing material (such as a pen). First of all, SoftENGINE has announced some new features, such as a new interface for their product WEBWARE or the so-called PAN object generator (I’ll leave what PAN or an object generator is now, because the explanation for this would be too long for this post). Following the announcements, the Gold Partners of 2022 were announced. Gold partners are special partners in the SoftENGINE environment who shine through special services for their customers (e.g. looking after customers who have high requirements and therefore need a lot of additional programming) and generally achieve high sales with SoftENGINE products (e.g through the sale of licenses). You can probably find the exact list at SoftENGINE itself, I’ll leave it at the summary, that there was such a selection. Afterwards, some partners presented their own projects, which were submitted as part of a developer award. My colleague James Gibbs also entered here with his development of a mail notification system (which we use ourselves). We were then driven by shuttle bus to the evening event, which featured food trucks and drinks in typical SoftENGINE fashion, as well as a leisure activity. This year it was about football, so I didn’t do much of the recreational activity this year (I’m really not good at football). The whole thing ran until around midnight, when we were then driven back to Landau by shuttle bus.

Thursday was… tedious. Most of the people at the evening event drank too much and were accordingly exhausted while SoftENGINE announced the new features of the checkout. My colleagues and I suspect this was planned on purpose as many of the people present didn’t have much to do with the register. We ourselves arrived a bit late after one of our colleagues showed up in the lobby later than planned via a hotel wake-up call. However, the event only lasted until 12:30 p.m., so we made our way home around 1 p.m. We arrived in Munich at 7 p.m. and I had to take the train for a while before I finally got home at 10 p.m.

This ended the 2022 summer event for us and we are looking forward to the next summer event in 2023. In the best case scenario, I will compete for the Developer Award myself and thus against my colleague. May the better developer win 😎!

phew That’s quite a wall of text. I hope this post length is ok for multi-day events like this, otherwise I’ll have to split the posts into multiple days.

I would like to thank SoftENGINE for the great event and of course the reader for the perseverance to have made it this far. I will now go on my well-deserved vacation and will be back at work in 2 weeks (09/12/2022) with full commitment.

So I wish you 2 successful weeks!

Jean-Luc “cozyGalvinism” Nürrenberg