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Hello, everyone!

I am reporting back from a very productive project phase to announce a small detour to the Palatinate.

On Wednesday and Thursday (24th and 25th August) I will pay a visit to the medium-sized software company SoftENGINE as part of my work as a developer. As part of a summer event, SoftENGINE invites partners and customers to Hauenstein to announce innovations in WEBWARE and to encourage an exchange between partners and customers. The event is a kind of replacement for the Solution Days, which are otherwise held annually.

I will be there as a customer and will also discuss feature requests with the developers. I will also try to take a few photos, but it is not yet clear whether they will end up on this website. If this is the case, of course only photos of people who have previously signed a written declaration of consent will be published, after all the data protection law never sleeps!

In addition, I will start a hobby project at the end of this year’s turn of the year, which I will hopefully be able to present next year at the next SoftENGINE event. I hope that I can bring the area of software development closer to other people in order to supplement the WEBWARE. What exactly the project looks like is not yet clear, but it should either be something absurd or something useful.

An absurd idea would be a virtual reality interface for the WEBWARE, but an useful idea would be an asynchronous data exchange system, powered by Redis and the WEBWARE web services. Maybe I’ll work on both and only show the absurd as an opening gag 😉.

But that was it from me for now. I’ll definitely write another post as soon as I’m back home.

I wish you a sunny week!

Jean-Luc “cozyGalvinism” Nürrenberg